Discount Golf World and Your Electronic Warehouse Featured in Akamai Press Release

Your Electronic Warehouse and were recently featured in an Akamai press release. Akamai is the leading global service provider for accelerating content and applications online. Your Electronic Warehouse and use Akamai to speed up and improve their customer’s shopping experience. In the first month of using Akamai, Your Electronic Warehouse’s conversion rate increased 42% while DiscountGolfWorld’s conversion rate increased 210%. had a higher increase due to the fact that most of its products have multiple styles and images that increase the download time of the page. By using Akamai, this content is cached in data centers around the world. When a customer pulls an image off one of our websites, they are actually pulling that image off the Akamai server that is closest to their geographical location. Akamai is able to reduce the hits to our websever and pull the content from an Akamai sever 84% of the time. Akamai is also able to route around “traffic jams” on the Internet to increase the performance of dynamically created pages. An alternate, optimized route is taken for 79% of our delivered content. This provides an enhanced end-user experience through accelerated, more reliable delivery of our dynamic Web site content, resulting in our higher conversion rates.

Read Press Release: June 18, 2007 – Retailers Drive Conversion Rates And Revenues With Dynamic Transaction Acceleration

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